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yoast seo woocommerce product page
How Do I Change the WooCommerce Shop Page meta data? Yoast.
Click the link to edit your shop page. In the Yoast SEO snippet preview, click 'Edit' snippet. Add or change the SEO title and meta description. Duplicate content issues on my shop? Read more Local SEO for WooCommerce is now part of the Local SEO plugin Read more Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin Read more How to add a short product description in WooCommerce with Yoast WooCommerce SEO Read more.
Supercharge Your WooCommerce Stores SEO Scale Dynamix.
Rich snippets are the small elements of your web pages that you want appearing in search results beyond the meta description Yoast SEO lets you define. For example, images of your products and product reviews are great rich snippets to add to your WooCommerce shop products.
WooCommerce SEO Tips How to Get The Most Out of Yoast SEO.
From the Dashboard click on the new Yoast icon and then click General. Next, click on the Features tab. Find XML Sitemaps and click on the? to expand the text. Click See the XML sitemap and it will be loaded in a new tab. Now you know the URL of your XML Sitemap you can upload it Google Search Console, allowing Google to index your website quickly and more efficiently. After youve set up your Google Search Console account you can upload it by clicking on Sitemaps under the Index section. Enter sitemap_index.xml in the Add a new sitemap field and hit submit. Your XML sitemap will be processed by Google and the status will change to Success once its approved. Following the steps above will let you get the most from your WooCommerce SEO.
Yoast SEO Plugin optimal einstellen: so gehts! - Anleitung.
Bis jetzt habe ich sie mir erstmal angesehen, aber noch nicht umgesetzt. Sind die Einstellungen auch auf die Aktuelle SEO yoast Version 9.4 benutzbar? Ich habe die kostenlose Version, also nicht die Premium Version. Reicht diese aus? viele grüße Marlon. Lothar Küsters am 23. Januar 2019 um 12:09.: in der Suchkonsole werden die Funktionalitäten aktuell vertauscht. Sehe ich das richtig? Unter Empfohlen erscheint der HTML-Tag. Die Anleitung weicht in diesem Fall von der Version in der Suchkonsole ab. Antwort weiter oben. Saskia Lund am 12. Februar 2019 um 15:37.: danke für den Hinweis. Google ändert hier ab und zu mal etwas. Es besteht aber weiterhin die Möglichkeit eine andere Methode zur Verifikation der Inhaberschaft einer Website in der Search Console auszuwählen - ganz gleich welche Methode gerade als die empfohlene Methode angezeigt wird. Wenn das HTML Tag genutzt wird, kann einfach das dafür vorgesehen Eingabefeld unter SEO Allgemein Reiter: Webmaster Tools verwendet werden und der Google Verifikationscode dorthin kopiert werden.
WooCommerce and YOAST SEO plugin: Title and Meta Templates.
When optimizing a WooCommerce website with the excellent YOAST SEO plugin for WordPress, I noticed that building templates for titles and meta descriptions is not that easy. Mostly when you want to input the product category and the product title. To optimize WooCommerce products, you can go to WordPress dashboard and click on SEO, Titles Metas, Post Types, Products. You will see this screen.: The main problem is that if you try to add the following tag in the Title or Meta Description boxes: category - that wont show as the product category. Of course, that is a tag you want to use at it contains the keywords to rank your product and likely match the URL as well. After a bit of research, here is the solution.: Its as simple as that: use ct_product_cat and the WooCommerce category or categories separated by comma will show. In case of multiple categories, I recommend to enter such tag at the end of the Meta Description sentence, so that it is still readable in English or the language you use. WooCommerce: How to change Shop Page SEO Meta Title Products Archive.
How to Edit Woocommerce Archive Titles SEO Category Meta Titles in Woocommerce Print4Hospitality.
Read on to learn how to remove the unwanted Archives word from your meta titles in wordpress without editing each individual page. How to Edit the Default Category SEO Meta Titles in WordPress Woocommerce site using Yoast SEO remove Archives text.
The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce SEO for Beginners and Advanced Users - weDevs.
If the SEO title contains the focus keyword then the page gets a booster in the race. Adding SEO title is very easy in your WooCommerce product page with the Yoast SEO plugin. Adding Focus Keywords in the meta description.
The WordPress Show: How To Further Optimize Your WooCommerce Products For SEO Using Yoast.
Recently I've' published WordPress shows about how to use Yoast SEO to optimize your WordPress Website, and how to implement Schema on your WooCommerce Product pages. Well, now I'm' taking it another step further and explaining how to further optimize your WooCommerce Products for SEO using Yoast.

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